Regional strength in the production of hygienic face masks

The simplest form of protection against the surrounding coronavirus is to wear a hygienic face mask. Not so much so as not to get infected yourself, but to protect others around you from sneezing and coughing drops. If everyone wears a mask, we protect each other.

Social responsibility

Marc Meijers, owner of design agency MMD in Maastricht, brought together a number of regional parties that can produce a large number of hygienic face masks in the short term. This required the necessary improvisation and organisation of material deliveries and logistics, but this was achieved on the basis of the joint efforts.

Eurocarbon in Sittard supplies the materials and the Confectory in Geleen and In-Made in Sittard, part of the Penitentiary Institution, for the manufacture of face masks. And Vixia in Sittard, Emma Safety Footwear in Kerkrade and Nedlin in Elsloo also offered spontaneous assistance with cutting textiles and supplying cotton.

Special filter material ánd washable

The filter of the hygienic face mask consists of a special antibacterial material that is already used in Germany for air filtration and the production of face masks. Together with the 100% cotton cover, the face mask ensures that small droplets are not released into the air and can transmit the virus to others.

In addition, this hygienic face mask has the great advantage that it is washable at 60 ˚C. This allows a user to clean and regularly reuse his mask after use.

Marc Meijers emphasises that these washable face masks are not medical masks, but an addition to all other protective measures issued by the government. "This will allow us to leave the high-quality surgical masks, which are currently in great shortage, to people in medical and critical professions."

Heart-warming regional cooperation

The initiator was pleasantly surprised by the spontaneous help of various companies in the region. You cannot imagine a better example of regional cooperation during this difficult time. In this way, each participant contributes a little to protecting each other.

Wear a face mask. Protect each other.

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